The detailed programme schedule can be downloaded from here


Technical Session-I

Current status of breeding strategies in native livestock and poultry genetic resources

Dr. Abhijit Mitra
Director, ICAR-CIRC
Meerut, UP

Breeding for improving productivity of indigenous bovines
Dr.Vishesh Kumar Saxena
Assistant Director General (AP&B),
ICAR Hqrs., New Delhi
Breeding strategies and challenges in poultry genetic improvement
Dr.Nilesh Nayee
NDDB, Gujrat, India
Genomic breeding strategies for cattle and buffaloes under small holder production system in India

Technical Session-II

Advancement in genomics and phenomics for native animal genetic resources
Dr. Ben Hayes
Centre Director, Animal Science, Centre for Animal Science, The University of Queensland, Australia
Strategies and scope of genomic selection in genetic improvement of dairy animals
Dr. RK Vijh
Principal Scientist, ICAR-NBAGR and Nodal Officer,
National Bovine Genomic Center for Indigenous Breeds (NBGC-IB)
Karnal, Haryana
Genomic selection for productivity enhancement in indigenous cattle and buffalo breeds: Status and way forward
Dr. Mehar Khatkar
Faculty of Science, University of Sydney, Camden, Sydney, Australia
Use of artificial intelligence in high-throughput phenomics for improved animal health, welfare and production
Dr. James M Reecy
Professor, Associate Vice President for Research, Department of Animal Science
Iowa State University, USA
Genome to phenome for improving animal health and production
Dr. Amit Kumar
UP, India 
Genome Wide Association Study for Classical Swine Fever vaccine response traits in AnGR of Pigs

Technical Session-III

Genetic diversity, population structure and selection signatures in indigenous livestock and poultry
Dr. Manjit Panigrahi
Animal Genetics and Breeding
IVRI, Izatnagar, UP
Genomic landscape and selection signature of Indian cattle
Dr. Indrajit Ganguly
Principal Scientist, ICAR-NBAGR Karnal, Haryana
Domestication and Y-chromosome genetic diversity of Indian native cattle (Bos indicus)
Dr. Marimuthu Swaminathan
Director, BAIF Development Research Foundation
Pune, Maharashtra, India
Small SNP Panel Development for breed composition estimation in crossbred cattle

Technical Session-IV

Functional genomics for trait specific characterization and value addition in livestock and poultry
Dr. Massimo Bionaz
Associate Professor, College of Agricultural Sciences
Oregon State University, USA
Nutrigenomics in dairy cattle - Concept and Application
Dr. Suneel K Onteru
Senior Scientist
Prospective of functional markers for postpartum anestrus in Murrah buffaloes
Dr. Bhanu P Telgu
Associate Professor
Department of Animal and Avian Sciences
University of Maryland, USA
Scope of genome editing in dairy animals for improved performance: A realistic goal from Indian context