The detailed programme schedule can be downloaded from here
Call for abstracts
The ISAGB invites all interested individuals to submit research abstracts in English (as per guidelines) on the theme of conference/technical sessions for oral/poster presentations. Last date for submission of abstract is 5th December, 2021. All interested participants are requested to send their abstracts to the Organising Secretary, ICAR-NBAGR, Karnal via email:

The abstracts received under each technical session will be evaluated by the expert committee for oral or poster presentations. For each oral presentation, the participants will be given 7 min followed by 3 min discussion. For poster presentation, the participants are required to prepare the poster in 4 x 3  feet format and send the pdf file of the same to the organisers well in advance for evaluation.

Guidelines for abstract submission
♦ The abstract should include the title (in title case) in first line; full names (in BLOCK) of author(s), in separate line; location where study was carried out in third line (in title case and in italics), if there are more than one Institute where study was carried then please indicate it using same superscript bearing authors name and respective institution.
♦ The name of the presenting author needs to be underlined.
♦ Please include a separate line of e-mail for correspondence.
♦ The abstract should be typed in single space, one inch margin, in Times New Roman with 12 font size.
♦ The abstract should be limited to 250-300 words (highlighting the salient achievements of work).
♦ The acceptance of abstracts will be communicated by 07.12.2021.
♦ Authors of selected abstracts will be encouraged to publish full length research article in the Journal of Animal Genetics and Breeding.